Voter Registration

Voter Registration

You can register to vote either in person at the Town Clerk's office, DMV, any voter registration agency, or register on the VT Secretary of States website online at 

The deadline for registration is 5:00 pm on the Wednesday before an election.

The deadline to register to vote for the General Election is Wednesday November 2, 2016.  
The Town Clerks office will be open until 5pm on Wednesday November 2, 2016 for the purpose of receiving applications for addition to the checklist.  If you are homebound, call The Town Clerk for assistance.

Early or Absentee Ballots:  The latest you can request ballots is the close of the Town Clerks office on Monday, November 7, 2016. The voter or family member may request an early or absentee ballot in person, in writing, or by telephone.  Other authorized persons may apply for the voter in person or writing.  Voting early or absentee may be done in the following ways:  1. vote in the Town Clerks office before the deadline; 2. voter may take the ballots out of the clerks office for himself/herself and return in the same manner as if the ballots were recieved by mail; 3. have a ballot mailed to you, and mail or take it back to the clerks office before the election day or to the polling place before 7pm on election day; 4. if you are sick or disabled, ask the Town Clerk to have two Justices of the Peace bring a ballot to you at your home on any of the eight days preceding the election or the day of election.


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