Name Position Phone
George Cushing Constable (802) 454-7731
George Cushing Delinquent Taxes 802-454-7731
Greg Chamberlin Wastewater/Water Departments (802) 454-7173
Greg Chamberlin Chief Operator, Water/Wastewater Treatment Facility
Jan Waterman Conservation Commission
Janice Walrafen DRB CHAIR
Julie Hackbarth Conservation Commission
Justine Gadd Health Officer (802) 454-1102
Karen Storey Planning Commission
Karen Storey Zoning Administrator (802) 454-7856
Karl Bissex, Co-Chair Revolving Loan Committee 802-454-7334
Karla Haas Moskowitz Animal Control (802)454-1273
Kim Sudol Conservation Commission
Leatrice Potter Justice of the Peace
Linda Wells Town Clerk/Treasurer (802) 454-8461
Lorraine Cappetta Auditor
Mary Etta Chase Auditor
Mary Lane Chairperson, Water/Wastewater Commission
Mary Niebling Social Concerns Committee
Michael Billingsley Emergency Management Director 802-380-6408
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