Name Position Phone
Elaine Parker DRB
Frederick Pope Listers
Gail Falk Social Concerns committee
George Cushing Delinquent Taxes 802-454-7731
Greg Chamberlin Wastewater/Water Departments (802) 454-7173
Greg Chamberlin Chief Operator, Water/Wastewater Treatment Facility
Jan Waterman Conservation Commission
Janice Walrafen DRB CHAIR
Jean Hamilton Planning Commission
Josh Pitts Water and WW Commission
Julie Hackbarth Conservation Commission
Justine Gadd Health Officer (802) 454-1102
Karen Storey Planning Commission
Karen Storey Zoning Administrator (802) 454-7856
Karl Bissex, Co-Chair Revolving Loan Committee 802-454-7334
Karla Haas Moskowitz Animal Control (802)454-1273
Kathleen Hayes Constable 802-522-4108
Kim Sudol Conservation Commission
Leatrice Potter Justice of the Peace
Linda Wells Town Clerk/Treasurer (802) 454-8461
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